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My Inspiration for the Evolve Series

The Evolve Series portrays what I envisioned as the beginning of the universe, worlds & lands as they were developing and still continue to develop.  Movement of land masses, ever-changing but always moving forward.  In parallel, it portrays a journey in a person's life, particularly spiritual & personal growth.  As with the formation of the universe, personal & spiritual growth is perpetually moving and changing.  It's about taking a direction in life, making adjustments, progress and striving to be the best.

As an artist, I love incorporating layers of different kinds of textures & natural elements together on large canvases - providing a very tactile, almost 3D look.  My goal for clients and viewers alike is to "look, touch, & feel" the experience.  To see something different every time they look at the painting.  I use heavy marble dust infused molding pastes, charcoal, acrylics, oils, gold, silver copper leafing with natural aging processes to acquire a patina, stone, crackle pastes, burlap, lava rock, and other natural elements in my paintings.

Dar Schafer
  • 8/1/2019