About the Artist

“I’m a self professed free spirit and “hippy at heart”.  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel to 26 countries, many of them numerous times.  Inspiration for my work comes from my Native American heritage, the wonderful places that I’ve visited around the world and the beautiful people I’ve met. Exposure to so many nationalities, religions, and art has truly made my art better!

Art is to be appreciated, and I enjoy watching people’s faces light up when they really “get” my art. I love incorporating layers and layers of different kind of textures and natural elements together on large canvases to create different perspectives. My goal is to provide a very tactile look, touch and feel experience. To do that, I use heavy molding paste, charcoal, acrylic paint, gold/silver/copper leafing, stone, crackle pastes, burlap and other natural elements. My tools of choice are palette knives, spatulas, imprints from natural elements as well as large brushes.

The past few years, I’ve immersed myself into the amazing world of abstracts.  I find it very challenging and feel it’s helped me progress as an artist. I enjoy the ability to paint a story and have each viewer finish it for themselves.  All my life, I’ve been able to connect with people and bring out what they want, which in itself is very inspirational.  When I get to know someone I try to draw upon their inner soul and bring it to life on canvas.”